Taekyung Electronics is focusing its capabilities on R&D to achieve high-tech
next-generation drone industry techology and is a leader recognized for its
creativity and excellence in its own technology in the field of special-purpose drones.

Operating Concept

Vehicle-type wired/wireless multi-copter drone System

It consists of a wired power supply module, generator, and winch system in the vehicle loading compartment, and is composed of GCS inside.
Power/communication cable automatic winding/unwinding function (Winch System)
Provision of drone automatic take-off and landing function (docking system)
Supply power to drone/mission equipment with 700V voltage

Wired/wireless combined drone body and mission module

Search light, speaker, EO/IR camera module development
Wired/Wireless Power Hybrid Switching Module
AI image-based subject movement precision analysis SW
Equipped with KCMVP and TMMR modules
Self-development of standard common gimbal frame

How to utilize