Taekyung Electronics is a company recognized for its independent
excellence in the defense industry with the goal of advancing
the next-generation drone industry technology

Taekyung Electronics Drones

Small Reconnaissance Drone

Model :  TR-VQ07-SC

Medium Surveillance Reconnaissance Drone

Model  :  TR-VQ10-SC

Surveillance reconnaissance drone

Model  :  TR-VQ12-SC

Surveillance Recon/Search Drones

Model  :  TR-VH16-SC

Reconnaissance Drone

Model  :  TKDR4-ASP1260S (Reconnaissance)

Transport Drone

Model  :  TKDR6-ASP2100T (Transport)

Lighting broadcast drone

Model  :  TKDR6-AAA1600S

GCS(Groung control system)

Ground Control System (GCS)

Model  : GCS