Taekyung Electronics is a company recognized for its unique excellence in
the defense industry sector with the goal of advancing
next-generation drone industrial technology

Main Performance
Form Multicopter (Hexa)
  • Supports night operations with excellent illumination of up to 70,000 lm
  • Disaster alert broadcasting through speaker by communicating with radio
  • Recognize user situation information through transmission and reception of EO/IR camera images
  • Automatic home return and emergency landing through GCS (Ground Control System)
Weight 16Kg
Maximum take-off weight 24Kg
Size 1600mm x 1480mm x 556mm
Speaker 100W
Lighting Up to 70,000 lm
Operating Distance 2Km (LOS)
Flight Time 30 minutes (25 minutes with Light On)
Max Speed 40km/h
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ +40℃

Activity area

  • Securing surrounding safety through night lighting support and warning broadcasting during military operation/training
  • In case of anti-terrorism (counter-espionage) operation, broadcasting a recommendation to surrender through a speaker in the area where the beholder is expected to hide
  • Used to search for missing persons and survivors at national disaster sites
  • Use for broadcasting company’s night shooting and performance lighting
  • Day/night movement route tracking of criminals and siren alert broadcasting for public order