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Taekyung Electronics (CEO Ahn Hye-ri) develops and supplies a lighting broadcasting drone system that is essential for acquiring video information and reconnaissance in troubled areas where access to troops is restricted. It is useful in day and night environments such as air defense, land, and sea. The lighting broadcasting drone system uses LED searchlights to identify and identify unidentified objects, and uses speakers to provide priority broadcasting for people living there and guidance and control of safe areas in the event of a defector.
Just like the transition from the analog era to the digital era, the field of reconnaissance is moving away from flares and entering the era of lighting broadcasting drones. Lighting broadcasting drones can be used for a long time compared to flares, and when connected to group drones, the lighting range is wide, so operations can be efficiently deployed. Expensive flares can be replaced with LED lights. It is evaluated as eco-friendly because it can escape from noise and gunpowder pollution. Actual flare usage time is 4 minutes, whereas lighting broadcasting drones can perform missions for 24 hours in wired mode, 30 minutes in battery mode in wireless mode, and 5 hours in case of hydrogen fuel cell.
From a military point of view, long-term command and control is possible by replacing flares used in military night operations with light broadcasting drones. At the same time, it is possible to reinforce power according to the decrease in the number of troops and units, minimize human casualties, reduce costs, and maintain a constant level of illumination.
In particular, by integrating LED lighting, EO camera, and voice broadcasting functions, it was developed as a single module, reducing the weight of the payload and reducing the volume of the existing individual mounts.
Ahn Hye-ri, CEO of Taekyung Electronics, explained, “The lighting broadcasting drone is equipped with image information and sensor detection capabilities for a wide range at high altitudes, so it is possible to collect images with EO cameras and collect clearer images than thermal images.”
She also said, “Illumination broadcasting drones are necessary for continuous and immediate response to various events and disasters (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.) that occur at night.” We need service,” he added. In addition, drones can be used to supply Internet services to areas with poor communication infrastructure or to underdeveloped countries, and can also be used for sports activities or sports broadcasting.
Another strength of Taekyung Electronics is apprenticeship-style on-site education and training. Apprenticeship education is an education and training in which a person with professional skills and knowledge in the workplace uses the company’s production facilities and equipment to transfer the knowledge, skills, and knowledge necessary to perform the worker’s duties.
From the beginning, Taekyung Electronics received special process certification from defense companies such as Hanwha Systems and LIG Nex1 and began supplying various printed circuit boards (PCBs) used in military products. Students receive the following benefits through apprenticeship-style on-the-job training. It is possible to quickly get a job at a government-recognized technology company without building unnecessary specifications. Companies that participate in the integrated apprenticeship school can be provided with stable jobs as companies that have been recognized by the government for their technology, corporate capabilities, and willingness to nurture CEOs.
Taekyung Electronics’ apprentice training NCS competency unit is △electronic product production purchase management △electronic product production material management △electronic product manufacturing △computer application △electronic product production safety management △electronic product production activities △electronic parts facility planning △electronic parts facility maintenance △ Information communication device PCB board development, hardware performance realization, 3D printer SW setting, etc.

Source : Reporter Yoon Dae-won | etnews

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