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S-Connect (CEO Park Soon-gwan) and Taekyung Electronics (CEO Ahn Hye-ri) apply radar technology and drone technology to the surveillance system for important military facilities, and develop a project that detects moving ground targets such as people and vehicles as well as monitors targets in valleys. proceed jointly.
To this end, the two companies announced on the 30th that they recently exchanged a memorandum of understanding (MOU) and agreed to cooperate with each other from the proposal stage to the end of the project by sharing the scope of work to win radar and drone-related defense projects.
S-Connect is in charge of maintenance while carrying out licensed production in Korea through radar technology cooperation with BSS (Blighter Surveillance System) in the UK. The BSS radar can detect many targets that are very small and slow, so the military is deploying and operating them for alert operations.
Taekyung Electronics developed light-emitting diode (LED) lighting technology mounted on the lower structure of drones and introduced a drone prototype equipped with LED searchlights at the ‘2nd Air Force and Kookmin University Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Exhibition’ recently held at the Air Force Hall. The company has already applied for a patent for the drone LED lighting design.
Ahn Hye-ri, CEO of Taekyung Electronics, said, “If radar is used for surveillance in the surveillance system of important military facilities, blind spots may occur due to geographical conditions such as valleys.” ”

Source : Reporter Sumin Ahn | etnews

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