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Taekyung Electronics (CEO Ahn Hye-ri) announced on the 21st that it had signed an MOU with Hancom N Flux (CEO Min-min) for artificial intelligence (AI) systems, data platforms, and autonomous driving for the advancement of drone products.
The major agreements between the two companies include △participation in joint R&D for national projects and mutual cooperation △joint use of infrastructure such as research manpower, equipment, and prototypes from both institutions △technology research and development cooperation for drone-related application systems △AI/data platform research and development cooperation △confidentiality agreement, etc. It includes joint research and development cooperation to secure future base technology.
Ahn Hye-ri, CEO of Taekyung Electronics, said, “We will cooperate with IT companies such as AI and data platforms to lead the advancement of future unique domestic drone technology.”
Taekyung Electronics currently △commercializes searchlight drones that replace drones for surveillance and reconnaissance and night flares △Selection as a supplier of detection drones for the UN Peacekeeping Force (PKO) of the Ministry of National Defense △Supplies drones to each military unit and applies them to combat experiments and military operations △ It is carrying out projects such as development and selection of wired and wireless drone systems equipped with multipurpose modules.
Hancom N Flux is carrying out government R&D projects such as △Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Science and Technology AI convergence mine detection system △D Corporation manufacturing and construction integrated platform △Gangneung City Smart City Challenge business data hub platform establishment △Dobong-gu big data-based smart city service and integrated platform there is.

Source : Reporter Sumin Ahn | etnews

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