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Taekyung Electronics (CEO Ahn Hye-ri), a small and medium-sized company specializing in the defense industry, announced on the 1st that it had developed a drone search light to replace flares used by the military.
The drone search light is an idea product made by combining drones and high-power LEDs. Compared to flares, it is more eco-friendly and the lighting position can be freely moved. The power supply was designed to be wired and wireless so that it can be illuminated for the required amount of time with a certain amount of light. Currently, the developed prototype is 180W, and performance and environmental tests for certification are in progress. It maximizes usage efficiency by providing various beam angles according to the lighting radius and height.
An official from Taekyung Electronics said, “Unlike flares, the drone search light can illuminate the required area for a long time with the same amount of light, so it will be useful as a light for military operations or when an accident occurs in a shaded area.”
An official from the company also said, “It is highly effective in maritime search and mobile search, and we also applied battery charging technology so that 2 or 3 units can be operated alternately in consideration of the battery capacity during long-term work.” Considering intellectual property rights, patent applications for technology, design, and trademarks are also in progress.

Source : Reporter Sumin Ahn | etnews

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