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[Metro Newspaper] Taekyung Electronics CEO Ahn Hye-ri introduces the drone search light developed by the research center in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do. /Reporter Kim Seung-ho
There is a female venture entrepreneur who is targeting the defense sector with an innovative product that enables search and reconnaissance by attaching a searchlight to a drone.
Her career has nothing to do with the military, and although all of the people she meets while doing business are men, CEO Ahn Hye-ri of Taekyung Electronics is pioneering her own path with ‘business DNA’ inherited from her family and long experience and know-how in the telecommunications and IT fields. He is the main character.”At the time of the Sewol Ferry incident, I heard the news that the cost of the flares fired for rescue alone exceeded 16 billion won. Unfortunately, CEO Ahn founded Taekyung Electronics in 2014 when the Sewol ferry incident occurred.
Fortunately, from the beginning, we received special process certification from defense companies such as Hanwha Systems and LIG Nex1, and began supplying various printed circuit boards (PCBs) for military products. In addition to technological prowess, due to the nature of munitions, not only waterproof and dustproof properties, but above all, it is possible to make it robust. Bone conduction headsets and earphones used by soldiers for training or actual combat were the early works of Taekyung Electronics. Ahn, who was concentrating on the localization of parts, thought about what it would be like to combine drone technology with a device that can replace flares. After that, he went straight into drone search light research and development. His manpower was expanded, and the results of his research were immediately applied for and registered as a patent. About 10 patents have been applied for and registered in this way.
“There are no drones with searchlights in foreign countries. Chinese DJI occupies most of the world’s drone market, but with our technology, Drone Searchlight judged that it has a chance. In the military, it can replace flares or night work lights, and has a wide range of applications such as marine amphibious operations, counter-terrorism, surveillance and reconnaissance. In addition, the uses for 119 disasters and distress rescue are endless.” Representative Ahn explained while holding up the related parts in the lab. If broadcasting equipment is installed on a drone, it can be used for psychological warfare or broadcasting in case of disaster. Taekyung Electronics’ drone search light The flight time is about 25 minutes, and the LED searchlight boasts the brightness equivalent to 52,000 candles.
Representative Ahn plans to showcase his drone search light at the ‘Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition (ADEX) 2019’ to be held at Seoul Airport in Seongnam from the 15th to the 20th, showing off his technological prowess. This year’s ADEX is the largest ever, with 430 companies from 34 countries participating and exhibiting various materials, parts, and equipment. Talking with CEO Ahn, it is far from the military, and it is a product that combines drones and searchlights. I was curious about his DNA that gave birth. “My grandfather made a large mountain store during the Japanese colonial era. At that time, he even had a separate driver. Then, as the Korean War broke out, he had no choice but to close the business.” Ahn’s business DNA was inherited from his grandfather. Married, gave birth to a child, and lived as a housewife, her cousin dragged her back into society.
“I thought I would get an electric shock if I turned on my computer (laughs), but I started a PC cafe business in Yongsan at the recommendation of my cousin. It was around the time PC cafes were first established. If you do well, the telecommunications company gave you an area at all. Cell phone wholesaler, telecommunications base station construction, premises telecommunications maintenance, etc. Looking back, it seems that I have worked only in the telecommunications industry for about 16 years.”
It is not irrelevant to his background that he founded the company and made communication-related products naturally in the first place. The light of the searchlight that he started attaching to the drone eventually plays a role in connecting people to people, so this is also in the same context as ‘communication’ in communication. “There is no need to attach all the expensive infrared cameras to drones for night flights. If HD cameras and searchlights are attached to drones, performance can be maximized and costs can be drastically reduced. This is the competitiveness of domestic technology.” To her who explained the advantages of Drone Search Light for a long time, I threw a question about how it would be to do business as a woman. Then, with a big smile, he replied, “I have a great sense of achievement. More than anything, business is fun.”

Source : Reporter Kim Seung-ho | Metro newspaper

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